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As a child I spent my days forging paths under the underbrush, scaling forested hills using fistfuls of sword ferns as ropes, swimming rivers, and wielding my pocket knife to carve proof of my existence in remote places only I knew about.  These early experiences set the foundation for my art.  Since the days of my youth I have learned to use my carving skills in more appropriate places, such as my printmaking studio.  While I practice a handful of printmaking techniques, I enjoy carving relief blocks the most.  The physical action of wielding a knife and creating textures and images on a raw piece of material always satisfies a basic need I have.  Each of my pieces tell a story of human interaction with nature.  It is my hope that locals and visitors of the PNW will find reflections of their own stories in my art, versions of their own awe inspiring moments as they explore the remote places only they can find.    

Summer Demo at Splash Gallery of Olympia
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