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Cloud Woodblocks

These relief woodblocks are works of art that I carved then printed in small editions.  Once printing was done, the actual block was primed, painted and turned into a hanging piece of art.  The result of this processes creates  two dimensional work that floats on your wall and is highly textural.

The Cloud series started in early 2019 with the idea of capturing the limitless things you can find in the sky.  Since weathering the unimaginable 2020 and onwards, these blocks have taken on a whole new meaning.  The feeling of being adrift from each other, and our regular flow of life, is a widely shared sentiment; what better way to symbolize this than individual clouds overhead.  The clouds are visible, seem so close, even closer on a dim foggy morning, yet when we reach for them, nothing is there. Everything our lives use to be is out of grasp, to be viewed only from afar like the clouds floating by.

Though much of our regular world is unobtainable right now, the images in my clouds represent a portion of life that is still available to us.  Birds, nature, dreams, and wind still continue despite our lack of plans.  And if we are lucky enough we can still sit back and enjoy those things drifting by from afar.   

Crow Cloud Colored Pencile_edited
FloatingWatercolor Aug 2019_edited
Feeding Watercolor Sep 2019_edited
LaurelHenn1 larger background
kite 2 Cloud Colored Pencile_edited
DSCN6020 edited_edited
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