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Monoprint means to ink a surface, press a paper against it and pull a print.  The process of inking a monoprint surface can vary greatly.  Often times a second print can be pulled from you inked surface, this is called a ghost print, but mostly just one print is achieved in the monoprinting process.  Monoprinting is a fun loose process compared to the blocks I carve.  When I'm feeling the need to loosen up I often create monoprints in various forms.  Sometimes I even incorporate my blocks in my monoprints. 

Diving Deep
Playing In The Rain 1mb
Second Floor Trace print Oct 2021
Ground Floor Trace print Oct 2021
Jennifer Felix Sail Boat Trace Mono Print watercolor Nov 2021
A Walk in the Rain 1mb
Chanterelle Forest
Splashing In Puddles 1mb
Campfire Stars edited cropped close
Illuminated Jellyfish edited
Rain Play 1mb
Tree on Hill Trace Print watercolor 2022 Feb
Waiting for Rainbows 1mb
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